Review: Why Farmers Shouldn’t Be Buying from Krushi Kendra

Off late there are several online sources from where you can get agriculture tools, machinery along with seeds, fertilizers, nutrients as well as micronutrients. However, although many of them have tall claims about their products and services, not all have the capability of fulfilling it. One of them being

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A random search on the Internet made me come across Krushi Kendra. The site looked fine and we ordered seed, spraying machine as well as fertilizers. However, not just the product even the services have been highly unsatisfactory.

They Do Not Deliver You Machine Accessories Even If it is Within the Warranty Period

We had ordered a spraying machine on 16th June 2017 and it was delivered to us a week later. There was a six-month warranty on its battery. We contacted them much before the expiry date of the six-month warranty period around 13th December 2017.

Initially, they told us that the battery will be sent to us and for that we would need to contact two-three people including a person related to the product. Logically, since we have bought it for them they should have dealt with it but we did call the number as instructed. The receiver was not only rude but also mentioned us that we should be contacting the site people again. We had to make many such calls on various numbers.

The whole process of us calling and they responding took 4 days. Another representative of the website asked us to send them two photos of the battery on 18th December and we sent them. They confirmed to get us back but they didn’t. We waited but when they didn’t reply us, we contacted them back. Again, we were given two numbers and what the main person told us, shocked us.

Well after making us call from one person to another for nearly a week, the main person of contact told us that they won’t be sending us the battery since the battery is now out of warranty period. She said if only we pay, she could send us the battery.

The Seeds Krushi Kendra Sell Have a Mixture of Two Varieties

We had ordered a variety of pigeon pea from the website. However, much to our surprise during flowering, we saw two different colours of flowers. When contacted, they said probably two different variety got mixed. Now, this is something which is not at all acceptable to any farmer because it not only decreases your yield but there is also a time variation between the two, which makes things worse during the selling period.

So, apparently buying seeds from them is something you have to do at your own risk. This makes us question the authenticity of fertilizers and genuineness of nutrients they are selling. Nevertheless, there are no parameters to check the content and we can’t risk putting mixed fertilizers and nutrients that we have doubts upon. Moreover, the fertilizers they are selling are comparatively expensive than the other sites.

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The Default Mode of Shipping is Courier, not Indian Post Office

Farmers live in rural India and many of us in remote areas. Until and unless you mail them after placing the order that it has to be dispatched by Indian Post Office, they’ll dispatch it via courier which you’ll never get. Also, they don’t send any liquid material via India Post office which is a huge drawback.

Moreover, for heavy quantity like that of 20kg, they denied us shipping via India Post. The reason they stated was high postal cost. Now since we wanted the material we paid half the price of the postal cost and they sent us the product thereafter.

This made us conclude five important things about this particular website –

  1. The machinery and tools they are selling are not reliable as the battery gets damaged nearly to the grace period of 6 months.
  2. The credibility of Krushi Kendra is questionable when it comes to seeds and fertilizers.
  3. You can buy from them but there is no guarantee on the product and/or services thereafter.
  4. If your preferred mode of transport is India Post, the liquid material won’t be dispatched to you and if the quantity is in bulk, they probably will deny sending you via India Post.
  5. If in case you run into trouble with any of their product, the after sales service will dodge you, finally shutting the phone on your face.
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