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The founding idea of Agriculture Views is this: if good and sustainable farming are to thrive and survive, it can only do so when the right information reaches out to the masses. This means relying predominantly on contributions from a team of industry experts in the field, new-age farmers, and communities who are keen to attain a space for quality high yield farming and profitable gardening.

As an online farming and gardening resource, Agriculture Views is firmly committed to the public interest by providing latest news, information, technology analysis and commentary to build ourselves as a platform driven by valuable writing on issues of farmers, broadcasting new and improved way of farming, updates in agri industry and reaching out with the updated modes and methods of sustainable farming as well as gardening interest and importance.

Being on the Internet gives us an added advantage to use new age media technologies with data, charts, video, and links to essential parts of the narrative pattern along with access to all the necessary as well as modern tools and equipment at the tip of the fingertips.

Our team, both, on the field in the agricultural milieu of Sant Kabir Nagar district, Uttar Pradesh and off the field in the industrial hub of Mumbai, aim to reach out to the farming community with practical know-how along with latest updates that are not only informational, valuable but also sustainable.

Read us, share the latest updates and initiatives, tweet and send us your feedback at agricultureviews@gmail.com

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